My Ethos

(It's all about the vibes, man)

I have an immense passion for creating music; it feels so natural for me to get involved with other people's songs. I have a knack for understanding the best way to present a song - structuring, dynamics, textures - and I love solving the puzzle in order to bring those elements together. I live for the moment where the bricks begin to look like a house. 

I always say my next project is my best; my appetite for helping musician's achieve their goals is insatiable. If you need that intangible element to get your project to the level it deserves, just hit me up!

A bit about me...

I found my musical self at the age of 15. Of course, I'd always been into music before then, but it was around this age that I started my first band. When that finished, after years of bunking off college to play gigs and record, I started working as a video games tester, but I'd already caught the studio bug by that point...

I decided to wing it and buy some recording equipment. I didn't have a clue what I was doing but I was always a keen learner. I started recording demos for my new band and offering my services to friends. Soon, I was cutting my teeth with Sam Burden, an awesome producer and longtime friend. Not long after that I became head engineer at his studio and I was producing and mixing most of the bands that came through.

When my band started to break, we get busier and I had less time to take on full productions, but mixing - which I loved to do - was a little more flexible. I had a pretty great setup at home anyway, so I started stepping in at the mixing stage of projects. After mixing a few early Empress AD singles, the projects started to roll in again.